Delivery time

The delivery time for international countries will take a week (without taking in account weekends and days off

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Delivery costs

The delivery costs is at 9€ and beyond 2000€ it is free.

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Coralie – Paris ensures its jewellery and leather goods made with a unique know-how. But in the interest of your satisfaction, we fix your orders with a guarantee. The guarantee only concerns breakage or product defects. The jewellery guarantee lasts 1 year and the leather goods guarantee lasts 2 years. The guarantee does not cover the usage.

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It is possible to exchange products upon reception.

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Origins of hides

Our hides come mainly from France and Italy apart from the python leather which comes from Florida and Thailand.

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Manufacturing location

We manufacture all the jewellery and leather goods in our Workshop in Fresnes.

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Maintenance of leather goods

We advise you to use beef foot oil for leathers except for the python leathers which requires special care. For those in python, clean it with sweet almond oil.

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Physical points of sale

We have compiled a list of outlets in which Coralie – Paris is available.

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      Special Order

      For any special orders, tailor-made construction, contact the workshop. In this case the delivery date will be determined with the workshop.

      Workshop Contact

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